Money Heist Season 5: Is Tokyo in jail and narrating the tale of La Casa de Papel to Nairobi’s son?

Money Heist has been narrated by Tokyo, played by Ursula Corbero. From the first episode, she has been our eyes to the two heists played out in La Casa de Papel. While it could be believed that it was merely a narration choice, fans began wondering who she was narrating the heist to? A previous theory suggested that the heist member might be spilling the beans on her life from inside a jail, where she is the lone survivor of the Bank of Spain attack and her fellow inmates are curious to hear how she reached the prison.

However, a new compelling theory now suggests something interesting and plausible theory. Via Express UK, a Reddit user has fellow Money Heist fans convinced that Tokyo could be narrating the events to Nairobi’s son. For those who’ve forgotten, we were treated to a glimpse of the little boy in the season 3 finale, that which led to Nairobi taking a bullet in her chest.

Redditor itseliza24 said, “One kinda popular theory, is that of Tokyo being the only one alive in the end. According to that theory, all characters will die on way or another, leaving Tokyo the only one able to tell the story. While watching a YouTube video, I came across a really interesting comment. Somebody added that Tokyo is telling the story to Nairobi’s son. I don’t know about you, but my mind is BLOWN.”

Another user added, “I would bet Tokyo is in jail and that’s where she’s telling the story from. Some of the others have to get away so there can be a season 6, 7, 8 etc.” We would place our bets on this theory for Tokyo was the only one, after Helsinki, that was close to Nairobi. Tokyo was supposed to be deemed as the godmother to Nairobi’s possible child following the heist. So, Tokyo might have taken the responsibility to educate him about his powerful mother.

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