Money Heist: Denver’s spine chilling laugh or Arturo’s chameleon characteristic, what annoys you more?

Money Heist gave us numerous loveable characters. From the empowering Nairobi, crazy yet headstrong Tokyo to the intelligent Berlin and the heartthrob Professor, we had an array of characters to fall in love with. However, the show gave us a few elements to detest as well. We don’t know about you’ll but we cannot stand Arturo. The role is played by Enrique Arce. From the first season, the character merely reached an intolerable level when we reached the season 4 finale of La Casa de Papel.

The way he changed colours when he was on his death bed, his inconsideration for Monica, the pure intention of getting under the skin of the heist members and molesting a fellow heist captive, my blood boils as I take a walk down the four seasons. Why is that man on the series anyway, I wonder sometimes.

However, we’ve come across a few tweets that suggest that talk about another spine-chilling characteristic of another heist member. Recently, Indian cricket legend Yuvraj Singh took to Twitter and confessed that as much as he loves Denver, he couldn’t stand his laugh. “Denver ! Love and hate that laugh,” he recently tweeted. We found ourselves in a fix here.

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