Kendall Jenner’s fake twin brother Kirby Jenner reveals the siblings sometimes get on ‘each other’s nerves’

Kendall Jenner’s self-proclaimed fraternal twin brother Kirby Jenner, who recently landed his own KUWTK parody spin-off reality show, reflected on what it is like travelling the world modelling with his supermodel twin sister. While it seems all glamorous and flawless on the outside, Kendall’s fake brother said the siblings sometimes get on each other’s nerves. Kirby mentioned that like any other siblings, they too have arguments and disagreements, but they always find a way to resolve their issues.

“I think everyone gets on each other’s nerves every now and then. I think what makes our relationship so special is that if we’re mad at each other, it goes away in 10 minutes, like we’re always so quick to resolve any of our issues,” Kirby told E Online. The new Quibi show, titled Kirby Jenner, features a 24-year-old performance artist, who rose to fame with his parody Instagram account, where he pretends to be the fraternal twin brother of Kendall Jenner.

“We’ve definitely gotten into heated arguments, but we’re always so quick to resolve them and I think that’s just because we love each other, you know? I think you can love someone and still like, you know, argue with them every now and then,” he added. In the trailer of the reality show, which was released earlier this month, Kirby is hilariously called the famous family’s “best kept secret.”

The comedian also reflected on how he feels about dating his sister’s BFFs and stated that while they all spend a lot of time hanging out together, he has never thought of dating any of her friends. Kirby suggested that he has friend zoned all his sister’s buddies. “I’m really just trying to just focus on dating myself. I don’t know why people are getting confused with this friendzone thing. Dating to me is like, romance and passion. But like, I’m just hanging out with these people,” he said.

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