EXCLUSIVE: Raktanchal actor Nikitin Dheer on his fondest memory on sets, drawn to antiheroes and Rohit Shetty

Nikitin Dheer is all set to send shivers down our spine with his upcoming series Raktanchal. The MX Player series sees the Chennai Express famed star get under the skin of an antihero from the 1980s. As menacing as he looks, Dheer confesses to Pinkvilla that it wasn’t difficult for him to adopt the role and make it his own. “The way my character was shaped, we had a special method intact on how we are going to approach it. We had workshops and among us, as actors, we spoke and (understood) the vision,” he revealed.

Apart from the workshops and discussions, Dheer added that the director gave him the freedom to adapt and portray the character. “A lot of things were left to me, at my imagination,” he added. While the theme of the series was intense, Dheer revealed the scenario off-camera wasn’t as intense. Gushing about his team, he said it was a joy to work with the team. “It was nothing but fun. Haste-khelte time nikal gaya. We really enjoyed the whole process and journey,” he said. The actor added there were numerous fond memories he made on the sets. However, there was one that he absolutely cherished.

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