Amy in Bengaluru for last leg of The Villain shoot

Director Prem is heaving a sigh of relief. Reason? Amy Jackson arrives in Bengaluru tomorrow to shoot a long-pending song, after which The Villain will finally be wrapped up. Over the next four days, Amy, along with Sudeep will shoot for the track, music for which is composed by Arjun Janya.

“We were only awaiting for this song sequence to be done. Now we will speed up the post-production work,” says Prem, adding, “We will break the pumpkin, which signifies the end of the shooting process on Sunday midnight when we are done with the song.”

The Sudeep-Amy song sequence, we hear, is not ‘ordinary’. “There’s a lot of computer graphics work that is going into it,” says the director.

In fact, to save time, the graphics experts will be coming on the sets. “Experts from five companies are participating. Every shot is divided between teams to ensure we wrap up quickly,” he adds.

Working with a release date of August 24 in sight, Prem says, “We are trying our best to meet the deadline. From my end, I am planning to send a normal copy of the film to the censors by the end of the month.”

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