13 Reasons Why actor Dylan Minnette gets his hair dyed pink amidst lockdown; See Photos

Dylan Minnette, the guy we saw as Clay in 13 Reasons Why seems to be going all colourful amidst the lockdown. The actor recently coloured his hair pink and shared pictures of himself on his social media handles and he looks unrecognisable. Dylan first posted a picture of himself getting his hair bleached followed by pictures of his transformation after he dyed his hair pink. “lol” he captioned the picture that showed him get his hair bleached. “heh heh,” Dylan wrote alongside his pictures flaunting the final product, his new hair colour.

Dylan Minnette’s love for different hair colours isn’t new. The actor had earlier coloured his hair rocking blue and this time he’s trying a new shade. The actor surely looks a lot more dramatic with his new hair colour, unlike his character Clay in 13 Reasons Why. Clay was a shy and introvert boy but the new Dylan seems very much confident and super stylish. One of the pictures shows him putting up an intense look and the other one shows his goofy side.

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