Kangana Ranaut to Sonakshi Sinha: 3 times B town’s leading ladies gave a modern twist to the evergreen saree

Vintage, classic and pristine but easily transforms into modern, contemporary and chic, the six (or 9) yards of a saree can accomplish a lot of looks within its seams. Traditionally the ideal attire for a woman’s silhouette, the saree has seen a lot of eras and has donned a different look in every era. Be is Mumtaz with her tight drape to Yash Chopra heroines on mountain tops in their chiffon pallus, sarees have been around for really long.

Every woman drapes her saree differently and pairs it up with different things, but when it comes to picking a favourite they all love a good drape. It is a garment that has cultural variations and still somehow bridges the disparity. Through time (at least recently) the saree has been worn a lot of different ways and paired with a lot of unconventional garments. Here are our favourite moments.

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