Sanaya Irani on TV actors suffering from non payment of dues: To beg for your own hard earned money is sad

The Coronavirus pandemic has created serious issues all over. With the lockdown in place, the financial crisis is being faced by many. Since shootings are stalled, TV actors and the crew has been affected largely. In the recent past, many actors have come out to talk about makers not paying their dues. They also expressed their ordeal due to a lack of money and work. As unfortunate as it can be, some have even committed suicide due to their sufferings and monetary problems.

Sanaya Irani, who is known to speak her mind always, has now come out in support to TV artists and workers. She has lent her voice to people in the Television industry who are suffering from non-payment of dues. She opened up about her concerns in a conversation with Hindustan Times. Sharing her views on the ongoing scenario of being deprived of money, Sanaya said, ‘Pandemic or no pandemic, to have to beg for your own hard-earned money is just sad.’ She added that it is a tough and terrible time for everyone, especially those who did not have enough savings or lived with what they earned, and now there’s none of it.

The actress also recalled how the delay in issuing payments has been a part of the TV industry for quite some time now. However, she has never experienced or witnessed such a dire situation. She said that she has not done TV shows for the last six years, but she remembers how producers made up excuses for giving payments. Even at that time, they used to say excuses that they will pay after three months as the channel will pay them after three months. She adds that it is always blamed on the channel.

She exclaimed, ‘One person passes the buck to the other, but it is like you are eating into the poor people’s lives.’ However, she reveals that she has never faced such a situation as she has worked with people who have been good and professional regarding such things. But, she also revealed that some actors have to wait for four to six months to get their paychecks.

The diva questioned, ‘Why are you working for somebody for this long? Why are you not putting your foot down and raising your voice at the right time?’ She said that producers often go for newcomers who are ready to work for less money. Then the actors in the fear of losing work don’t mind taking money eight months later. Sanaya feels the only way this whole pattern can be changed when people start raising their voices against it. She shared, ‘If you don’t get your money in three months, raise your voice in the fourth month. Don’t fear stigma or the fear of somebody throwing you out of the show.’

The beautiful actress is also waiting for her payments to be passed for some projects that she did before the lockdown. She said that she is willing to wait as she understands it’s a hard time for everybody. She is lucky to be in a position where she can manage things. She concluded, ‘At a time like this, you realise that none of all that name, fame, money, or the 10,000 things you have or don’t have, really matters. What matters is humanity.’

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