EXCLUSIVE: Sargun Mehta on Toxic: Wasn’t too sure if Ravi could pull off the song as a director but was amazed

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey return together onscreen after 10 years. The power couple met on the sets of a TV show and are today one of the most loved ones. While the two are one of the most romantic couples otherwise, their reunion for the song Toxic stunned us. The song sung by Badshah sees them in a different avatar. In an exclusive chat, we asked them why toxic?

To this, Sargun said, “You don’t want to see us doing cuddly and romantic things because that people have seen us do on Instagram and elsewhere. That is what people know of us. You want to see another side of us and that’s why we chose Toxic.” Explaining what struck a chord with them, Ravi shared, “Today, you would see couples around you, or people you know, or on Television, which are inspiring equations but no relationship is immune to toxicity. Toxicity would mean aggression, ego battles, being defensive, if one can understand and recognise the bud of the toxicity in the initial phase, one can save their relationships. The times now are that a small hurdle comes in between a couple, and they think of a reason to let go. But sometimes people forget that they have done so much for the relationship to work, every relationship deserves a second chance. Of course, the one which has been damaged beyond repairs are an exception.”

Since they have come together after a long time, we asked them how was it to work as professionals. Sargun laughed and expressed, “Ravi is like a perfectionist. The bad word for it is being ‘anal’. If not for him, I don’t think I would have done the song. I have always known that Ravi can direct and he knows his thing but you just know of it. So, initially, I was maybe not so sure of his capabilities to pull this song off, but the way he did, I was super amazed. But when you are working with him, you fight. You would take an order from someone who is your director, and sometimes I would be like it is okay, he is my director and let things go but sometimes I feel, ‘No, he is Ravi and then I am like f**k off’. But it was great working together.”

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