EXCLUSIVE: Vivaan Kabir, Suhani Acharya on Boy’s Locker Room Scandal: It starts at young age and is inevitable

As India has been battling the coronavirus pandemic for over two months now, the country came across another shocking piece of news after the Boy’s Locker Room controversy surfaced earlier this month. For the uninitiated, the controversy revolved around a group of teenager boys from Delhi and their group chat on Instagram which had, reportedly, glorified the rape culture, objectified the girls and even shared their pictures. The chats in this group named ‘Bois Locker Room’ quickly went viral and sparked a debate on social media with the netizens calling out people involved in the controversy.

Certainly, everyone had their perception of the scandal depending upon the age group they belonged to and their approach towards life. Recently, Shruti Seth got in touch with four youngsters on a Facebook live in association with Pinkvilla and asked them about their views about this entire scandal. These kids include Kabir Khan’s kids Vivaan Kabir and Sairah Kabir and their cousins Suhani Acharya and Dhruv Sawhney. During the Facebook Live, Shruti quizzed them about the controversy, the kids were of the opinion that this is something that happens all the time everywhere in the world. While it is inevitable, they believe that this starts at a very young age.

19 year old Suhani, spoke about the same and said, “It’s going to happen again because there is no grassroot changing of the way people think. This is just one case after another. What I felt is that, it starts from the bottom, it starts when boys are of Sairah’s age (around 11-12years) to when they grow up. The way women are looked up the way woman are shown in media, there are so many reasons as to why boys talk like this. But I am glad that I saw the amount of outrage, I am glad that I saw how angry people got and I hope that this anger takes us somewhere rather than sticking us in the same place and same anger will be recycled when something new happens.”

On the other hand, Vivaan thinks that lack of sex education among the kids is also one of the reasons behind such a mentality. “It is horrific whatever the situation was and what came out it. I think we should look at it as a case study and not as an issue in itself. It’s good that it is coming out, it’s good that people are talking about it and there is a fear being created around why this is wrong. I do agree that it does start from a small age. I think in our setting at least, in our country, things like sex education, sexuality, for kids’ like Sairah’s age shaking hands with a boy or liking people is such a taboo. I think it starts from there,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dhruv, who is younger than Suhani and Vivaan, stated that along with the lack of education, the upbringing also plays a key role in a person’s life. Talking about the entire scandal, he stated, “It is bound to happen and I mean it’s going to happen for a long time. It’s easy to blame something like the media, songs, rap music. The way kids are raised is one of the biggest problems. But again, as Vivaan said, it is also the lack of education, the taboo like ‘oh you like this guy’. people don’t explore into that much but in my school at least we have more awareness, we have health education. I think that’s one step in the right direction but then again you can’t stop it. It’s inevitable.”

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