Break The Silence: J Hope, V & Jungkook comment on how BTS members were destined to meet: I think it was fate

Break The Silence Ep 6, which is aptly titled Now and Tomorrow has tugged deeply at ARMY hearts, who were left an emotional mess as BTS tackled ‘retirement’ and disbanding in the future. However, besides the emotional talks on letting go with no regrets, the members also had heartwarming confessions to make while speaking about their close friendship and unbreakable bond. V shared his thoughts on how the specific seven members were picked to form BTS during their trainee days.

“I came to Big Hit without knowing who the members were and I got to meet a lot of trainees. Among them, the seven of us were the ones who were picked. At first, since the seven of us had different personalities, some of us took more time than others when it came to understanding each other. But I don’t think any of us thought, ‘I’m the best performer on stage.’ If we compare ourselves to the final peak that we’d like to reach, we still have a long way to go,” Taehyung admitted.

Adding more depth to back TaeTae’s point, Jungkook added, “We’ve been a good influence on each other and we share similar dreams. Despite the emotional scars, we came together to talk, become motivated and supported each other.”

J-Hope believes that it was fate that led to BTS being formed the way it was. “When I think about it, it makes me wonder, ‘How did the seven of us come together?’’ It’s not simply a matter of us spending a long time together. In a way, I think we were destined to meet. Yes. It may sound really corny but I think it was fate,” Hobi pondered.

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