Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK drop their new track ‘Sour Candy’; It takes the top spot on iTunes in 42 countries

Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK surprised fans with the early release of their new song titled Sour Candy and we can’t stop gushing over it. The song was supposed to be out on May 29, released a day prior on May 28, and swept the fans off their feet. The new song titled Sour Candy is also a part of Lady Gaga’s sixth album which is titled Chromatica. “It’s such an honor to get to work with Lady Gaga, an artist we like so much, and we’re so happy,” BLACKPINK stated.

“We had fun working on the track, so we hope our fans around the world enjoy listening to ‘Sour Candy.’ We’re hoping that it’s a song that’s loved by a lot of people,” she added. Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK’S collaboration is nothing less than sugar and spice and fans are totally loving it. Its been just a day since the artists have dropped their new song and Sour Candy has already taken the top spot on iTunes in 42 countries.

Check it out:

Sour Candy is a pop song with a blend of English and Korean lyrics and it comes as a new party anthem for all the dance lovers out there. One can’t hit the club because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that requires people to practise social distancing. However, Lady Gaga and the BLACKPINK have brought the party home, giving fans a new party track to feel alive amidst the lockdown.

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