Kate Middleton turns hairdresser for Princess Charlotte and Prince George during quarantine

Now that everybody is made to stay home, people are taking matters of the hair and beauty into their own hands. Everybody including celebrities have been giving themselves home makeovers by shopping off their hair and also dyeing their hair different colours to manage their greys. But they’re not the only high-profile people managing things on their own! The British Royals too, seem to have things sorted thanks to Kate Middleton!

News is that the Duchess of Cambridge has been giving her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte haircuts at home during the pandemic, to keep them groomed! A source told The Sun, “She is very competent and they are used to home haircuts,” also revealing that Kate would most-certianly give her children a haircut as she and sister Pippa have been taught to by their mother Carole! “Carole taught both Kate and sister Pippa how to cook and cut children’s hair. To them, it is no big deal,” the source added and then went on to reveal the two little Royals’ preferences! “George’s easy. Charlotte likes her hair off her face and so it’s long enough for a mini ponytail,” said the source adding that they both have very easy and manageable hair to cut.

The Royal hairdresser, Richard Ward apparently also left his professional hair-cutting kit with the family so that the Duchess would not have a hard time cutting her childrens’ hair and also have all the tools she needed!
As for Middleton’s hair, she is known to get a regular trim to keep it in shape. For that, the kids’ nanny has been helping her out!

Royals – they’re just like us it seems!

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