George Floyd dies after police violence; Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and other stars react to his demise

The news of George Floyd’s demise comes as a shock for one and all. A day ago, a video of the football player being harassed by the police went viral on the internet and angered the netizens. The 46-year-old former football sensation was arrested on Monday by four police officials in America for allegedly committing forgery. The video that went viral on social media showed the four police officers mistreating George Floyd with one of them kneeling down on his neck even after the former football player complained of breathlessness.

The officer continued kneeling on Floyd’s neck till the time he stopped moving and died. The video led to major protests in Minneapolis on Tuesday evening where a number of people came out and expressed their outrage on the injustice done to the North Americans. The four police officials involved in George Floyd’s death have been fired with George Floyd’s attorney Ben Crump calling in for their arrests. The police have not identified the officers involved barring Derek Chauvin who put his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

His death has sparked the nationwide Black Lives Matter movement. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo has passed on the case to the FBI for further investigation, which could turn it into a federal rights violation case. While the officer brutally kneeled on George Floyd’s neck, many passers-by recorded the incident on their smartphones and in no time it reached millions of people who then revolted the racism and injustice done to the African-Americans. Not only the masses have reacted to the same but also Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Didi, and other stars have raised their voice against the issue.

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