BTS Break The Silence Ep 7: ARMY’s touching gesture following the docu series’ curtain call will win you over

On May 28, the finale episode of BTS’ Break The Silence aired. On any normal day, such an event leads to the ARMY painting social media platforms, especially Twitter, purple with their love for the Bangtan Boys. From showering the BTS members with unfiltered love to sharing their favourite moments from the episode, the hashtag #Break_The_Silence would be among the top five trends across the world. However, the ARMY unanimously decided to refrain from discussing about the episode on Twitter.

Several ARMY members urged fellow members to take their discussions of the episode to Weverse instead of Twitter. Why? The ARMY did not want to sabotage the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter or disrespect the death of George Floyd. The hashtag has been among the top trends in the US and numerous other countries after the African-American died after a police officer pressed his knee into his neck. The resident was handcuffed and pinned to the ground by an officer. The cop pushed down on his neck with his knee despite Floyd begging him to let go for he couldn’t breathe. “Your knee in my neck. I can’t breathe… Mama. Mama,” Floyd pleaded, as seen in a video shared online.

Several international celebrities have spoken against the horrifying incidents and shown their support to #BlackLivesMatter. The ARMY consciously chose against discussing or trending #Break_The_Silence, as a sign of showing respect to the incident. “Admin: Please refrain from trending any hashtags regarding break the silence or festa. Please keep spreading awareness about the issue at hand and keep sharing/signing the petitions to help get George Floyd the justice he deserves. #BlackLivesMatter,” a BTS fan account wrote.

“Armys, For break the silence final episode if you wish to talk about it please post it on weverse instead. Lets all refrain spamming twitter for now. Thank you,” an ARMY member requested on Twitter. “Last episode of break the silence is in an hour. Let’s not trend anything. We can go to weverse and talk about it there but refrain from sp@mm1ng here to respect the situation right now. We are focusing on using our platforms and speak up to spread awareness. Spread the word,” another ARMY tweet read. It is no secret that BTS ARMY has a strong presence on social media. With hardly few tweets on the final episode, it goes to show that BTS has a mature and united fan following.

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