Break The Silence: V CONFESSES he can’t live without BTS members: When we fall, I don’t get back up by myself

Break The Silence has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for ARMY as BTS literally bare their souls and bring out their vulnerable sides in the new docuseries. From the pressure of being global idols to addressing the elephant in the room, which is their retirement in the future, the Bangtan Boys were their honest emotional selves. This meant having to go through the episodes with a heavy heart and yet, feeling a sense of hope as the septet promised to be together for as long as they can.

Moreover, as BTS member V put it, the Sweet Night singer can’t even picture his life without his bandmates who have been his support system for years. “Right, not only are they dear to me, but they are people I can’t live without because when we fall, I don’t get back up by myself. We all rise up together. There were times when I couldn’t get back up on my own two feet. The fact that we were getting back up together was a great source of strength for me.” Taehyung shared during the final episode of Break The Silence titled We Walked Together.

Furthermore, when asked to share what he would want the other members’ perception of him to be, TaeTae revealed, “The playful one? I like the nicknames the members give me. They say I’m restless but that’s who I am. I think that’s why they gave me that nickname. I don’t think my personality will change. No matter how much time passes or how old I get, I’d like to be considered a playful person to everyone.”

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