Bella Hadid to Cardi B, Margot Robbie: 5 big wardrobe malfunctions & how the celebrities managed to handle it

When you’re in the glamour world, issues are bound to happen especially when it comes to your outfit. Be it an embellished pocket coming off like Kim K or fastening the straps or your dress with a safety pin right before a show. Over the years, celebrities have become extremely careful of all nip slips and avoiding any Marilyn Monroe dress flying moments. The iconic VS fashion shows are known to use a bit of skin-sensitive glue drops to keep their lingerie intact on the ramp while there have been a few reports of the Duchess of Cambridge using the lightest of weights on the hem of her dress to prevent it from flying up. While adhesives, two-way tapes and weights do come in handy to keep any dress or risky garment intact, some celebrities have still had quite a few malfunctions over the years. Here’s how they handled it.

Cardi B

Cardi showed who the real queen is as she made quite a statement by proving ‘the show must go on’. After an on-stage malfunction where the bodysuit tore up from the back while performing, she kept going. She took a small break and completed her set with a bang wearing just a bathrobe. Yes, you heard it right, BATHROBE!

Bella Hadid

Being a model for years now, Bella has quite learnt how to deal with any wardrobe malfunctions. However, when she walked the Cannes red carpet alongside her father the wind, the thigh-high slit and the awkward camera angle did show off her neutral-toned underwear. She made it seem like nothing happened and went about the event with the same ease and glamour she walked in with.

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