Guess Who: This maverick director can’t control his sexual needs; calls starlets to his house despite lockdown

While many of us are complaining about the no work during lockdown, there are some who are just not happy with no ‘action’. This maverick filmmaker who’s known for his unconventional projects happen to be the latter. Yes, we hear that this director hasn’t been able to deal with his sexual needs and desires in the last two months of lockdown.

The filmmaker might come across as a gentle, polite person but close friends are aware of his high libido. In fact, before the lockdown began, he would frequently visit one of his producer friend’s bungalow and invite starlets over for some fun. But now, that clearly can’t happen but we hear in the last two weeks, he’s found a new way of satisfying his needs. He has now started calling some of those starlets home. With noone watching, he’s clearly enjoying and having a great time with these beauties in tow.

One of the starlets also happen to be a Bollywood actress, who has been linked to quite a few filmmakers already. Neither the filmmaker or the starlet could really take off, although the filmmaker is hailed for touching upon sensitive subjects and beautiful storylines. But his last film, that starred another industry kid, turned out to be a damp squib and he hasn’t been able to put his next directorial venture in place.

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