EXCLUSIVE: On her birthday, Rani Mukerji opens up about life, daughter Adira, husband Aditya Chopra and films

It won’t be wrong to say that Rani Mukerji is the perfect example of an actress who’s managed to be releavnt across age groups. The actress dominated the film front in the 2000s and post her marriage ad motherhood, proved all her detractors wrong by delivering three superhitsc – Mardaani, Hichki and Mardaani 2. While the audience’s reception gives her a ‘sense of validation’, when we caught up with Rani who celebrates her birthday today, she also reveals how she doesn’t question herself anymore. In a candid chat with Pinkvilla, the actress opened up about life – in the movies and off it, her baby girl Adira and husband Aditya Chopra. Excerpts:

Firstly, happy birthday to you! I want to know how has your idea of birthday changed over the years?

I’m a huge birthday person but I have always had exams going on around my birthday. So I have never been able to celebrate it well as a kid ever.. It’s only after I got married that my husband (Aditya Chopra) celebrates my birthday. I’m that complete birthday person who loves balloons, samosas, sandwich, chips, cake (smiles). But none of that happens now. Those days have gone and now, I go all out for my daughter Adira’s birthday.

What do you do for your birthdays now?
I just spend time with my family. I take a complete off and stay at home with Adi and Adira.

Today, Mardaani 2 has done fantastic numbers and you’re still relevant. When you started off, did people say that you will only have a limited shelf life because you’re a heroine?
Right from the beginning of my career, these talks have always been going on. These are still relevant today because there are a few who still talk like that. It’s not just about marriage and having kids. It’s also about what kind of roles you’re choosing, the relatability that people have with your character and your age, as opposed to trying to be somebody who you’re not. These are the things that one needs to question and ask. If you do those things tioday, you might not be relevant. Being married doesn’t give you wings, this and having kids are all episodes of your life. But well do you maintain yourself to come in front of the camera? These things count.

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