A definitive guide to hair care: Pre and post workout routine for the summer

IT IS SO HOT! This seems like an understatement at this point. Most days we take a sweat-shower as soon as we come out of a proper shower and 5 minutes without any fan or AC and it would look like you’ve probably worked out for 40 minutes. Speaking of working out, those of us who work out on a regular basis, this heat genuinely does a number on our hair. I mean if we sweat this much without working out, the workout would definitely turn the hair into a greasy mess. While we all wish we could wash our hair every day, hair experts everywhere advice against it.

Washing your hair every day dries out your scalp, strips your hair of its natural oils, and accelerates hair fall two-fold. So what do we do then? How to deal with the soppy mess our hair turns into after we work out? Well here’s a hair care routine which if you master, you won’t feel the need to wash your hair every day. This routine isn’t just pre-and-post workout you can follow this routine even if you have a long day or like now if it’s just super hot.

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